3 Community Work Share Agreement

Blair Plot Number ______

Site Maintenance Requirement:
The cooperation of all garden members is important to the success of the garden.  All gardeners are responsible for the maintenance of their own plot, weeding in and the areas around your plot, general maintenance of the garden, communal chores, and cleaning out your garden at the end of the season.

I will commit 1 hour each month to one of the following jobs (circle one):
  • Weeding, watering, deadheading the community flower plot
  • Watering common areas trees
  • Weeding common areas
  • Weeding the community raspberries
  • Weed whacking around inside of fence
  • Cleaning tools
  • Watering and deadhead south entry flower barrels
  • Picking up any junk left around garden
  • Turning compost piles
  • Weeding, watering and planting the flower pots in the water main area
  • Maintaining an organized and swept out shed
  • Other

I understand that failure to comply with the rules and requirements or failure to contribute volunteer hours may result in the cancellation of my garden membership and the reassignment of my plot without a refund of my fee.

Signed: _______________________________   Date: _____________

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